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Miscellaneous sculptures in Bihar Museum – 1872

This photograph of the Bihar museum was taken in the 1870s. Although it was credited to 'Dr Simpson', their is a strong possibility that it was taken by Joseph David Beglar. The...

शाहाबाद जिला

शाहाबाद जिला पटना कमिश्नरी का पश्चिमी भाग है। यह 24 डिग्री 31 मिनट और 25 डिग्री 46 मिनट उत्तरी अक्षांश तथा 83 डिग्री 19 मिनट और 84 डिग्री 51 मिनट पूर्वी देशांतर...


    General view of cave temples in the Barabar Hills, Gaya (Bihar). January 1814; a watercolor by Colin Mackenzie     Sudama Lomas Rishi Caves at Barabar , Gya; a photo by Thomas Fraser Peppé,...

1814 के पटना की एक झलक – By Seeta Ram

   View of the great Choke,' both sides of the main street of Patna, dominated by two facing chattris; a watercolor by Seeta Ram, 1814-15     Great Choke at Patna', a view of one side...

1824 के पटना की एक झलक – By Charles D’Oyly

Pen and ink drawings by Sir Charles D'Oyly (1781-1845), of Patna City in Bihar, from an Album of 80 drawings of views in Bengal and Bihar taken between January 1823 and May...

1814 के समय गंगा नदी से गोलघर का दृश्य

The granary (Golghar) at Bankipur, near Patna (Bihar) seen from the river; European officials' houses near by; a watercolor by Robert Smith, 1814-15  

गंगा नदी से पटना शहर की एक झलक – 1795

गंगा नदी से पटना शहर की एक झलक - 1795 Part of the City of Patna, on the River Ganges; by Thomas Daniell, 1795  
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